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Straphangers Campaign releases new subway report card

The 7 train runs three times faster than the C train during the morning rush hour, making it the best train on the Straphangers Campaign’s 13th annual “State of the Subway” report card released Wednesday*.

Not only is the 7 faster, but the line scored a 98 in cleanliness and runs regularly 92 percent of the time.

“They [The 7 line] virtually have it all. They have fairly frequent service. The trains arrive regularly. They have cars that don’t break down as much as the average in the system,” said Campaign Senior Attorney Gene Russianoff. “Some 7 riders will agree with me and think they’ve got a good deal.”

For the second year in a row, and seventh overall in 13 years, the 7 took home the top ranking. In addition to the 7’s cleanliness and regularity ratings, the line also scored above the system average in breakdowns—only once every 219,813 miles—and seat availability—with riders getting a seat 56 percent of the time.

Stacia Helfand, who lives off the 7 line in Long Island City, says she’s always been pleased with how her line performs.

“It’s always been reliable. There is something about how you can always get on at Times Square and you only wait five or seven minutes and then you’re on your way,” Helfand said.

In its report, the Straphangers Campaign assessed the 22 subway lines from official data by the Metropolitan Transit Authority and found improvements in three separate categories: car breakdowns, cleanliness and announcements.

The report also highlighted the mechanical invincibility of the M line, which only breaks down once every 1,045,886 miles while the G was the worst, breaking down every 60,039 miles.

Twenty lines were cleaner and 11 lines had more accurate and understandable subway car announcements, according to the report. The 7, L and V lines scored a 99 percent for cleanliness, and five lines scored a 100 percent in announcements, likely due to the automated services on the new technology cars, the report stated.

Some subway riders were not so lucky. The C train ranked the worst for the second year in a row and for the fourth time overall.

The C line fell below average on service frequency, regularity, cleanliness, breakdowns and announcements.

This ranking didn’t surprise commuter Joseph Sinzer.

“I’m not sure it’s the worst, but certainly in my experience, it’s right up there,” said Sinzer, who lives in Cedar Grove, N.J. but commutes into the city for work in midtown and downtown. “It never seems to run on time. The trains aren’t the cleanest. You can’t give it high marks on anything.”

The C train ranked the third dirtiest with only 90 percent of its cars having clean seats and floors.

C line commuter Samba Ba confirms that the C is the worst.

“It’s dirty, it’s slow and it never comes on time,” said Ba, before jumping onto a crowded C car at the Port Authority station.

*This story was written for Wednesday, Oct. 6, not Oct. 13. Sorry for the delay in posting.


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