Argentine folk music at La Casona del Molino

The singer gestures with his hands, telling some story that requires giving directions within his anecdote. His eyes have a slight haze over them–what some would call ojos tristes, which doesn’t necessarily mean sad eyes, but rather eyes of a drunk person.

He’s been sipping multiple glasses of wine throughout his performance. His guitarist, meanwhile, has been drinking water the whole time. Regardless of the beverages, they play for several hours. The crowded room sings back at them Argentine folk songs word for word. Both the guitarist and singer belt their songs in warm tonal voices.

Eventually, an older man joins them up front for several songs. He immediately receives recognition from the crowd. It’s La Casona del Molino, where local musicians band together, bringing their instruments for impromptu folk-jam sing-along sessions throughout the night, lasting early into the morning.


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