Parque San Martín in Mendoza, Argentina

Mi Visita al Parque San Martín en Mendoza

In 1812, Gen. José de San Martín arrived in Buenos Aires, where he began one of the biggest liberation campaigns against the conquistadors from Spain. His campaign eventually took him to present-day Mendoza, where he started the Army of the Andes. From there, he crossed the Andes and helped liberate Chile alongside Gen. Bernardo O’Higgins. San Martín was elected as supreme director of Chile, but he declined the nomination and O’Higgins took the spot.

One of Mendoza’s pristine parks is Parque San Martín. On top of the Cerro de la Gloria, a monument sits in honor of San Martín, overlooking the fertile city and capital of Argentina’s wine country. This vast park is filled with gravel bike paths, tree-lined roads, beautiful green landscapes and more. One could easily spend the entire day just getting lost in its vast acreage or sitting in its rose garden or wandering near its many fountains.

Anyway, I don’t really spend much time reading about these parks. I just go to enjoy them without necessarily trying to learn about all the history and what not (although the history is cool. Just saying). Instead, I shot and produced this short video! Enjoy!


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